Cawood, Charlie - The Divine Abstract

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Charlie is best known as the bassist of Knifeworld, but he has a lot of music and styles up his sleeve.
The Divine Abstract is his first solo album and on it he plays acoustic, electric & classical guitars, Fender VI, acoustic & electric bass guitars, sitar & pipa.
He's joined by a huge array of guest musicians
Katharine Blake: treble & sopranino recorders
Lucy Brown: French horn
Flora Curzon: violin
Hannah Davis: vibraphone, glockenspiel
Julie Groves: flute
Chlöe Herington: bassoon
Steve Holmes: piano, celeste, Minimoog, bass synth
James Larcombe: piano, dulcitone
Dennis Kwong Thye Lee: xiao
Nicki Maher: clarinet
Ben Marshall: oboe, cor anglais
Elizabeth Nott: darbouka, riq, frame drum
Josh Perl: clarinet & bass clarinet
Alexandra Petropoulos: flute
Oliver Sellwood: baritone saxophone
Diego Tejeida: piano
Francesca Ter-Berg: cello
Lucie Treacher: kendang, ceng ceng, gong, kempur, kenang, klentong, kempli, genterak
Wang Xiao: erhu
Ben Woollacott: drums, percussion & cymbals
and if you only know him from Knifeworld, like I did, the sound is surprisingly large and orchestral in scope; like an acoustic-guitar led ensemble in the vein of Aranis or Julverne or Flairck!
Really nice and nicely done and absolutely NOT what I was expecting!
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