Celeste - Principe di un Giorno: The Definitive Edition CD (expanded)

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Classic 1976 symphonic release that is a very beautiful & brilliant pastoral masterpiece featuring lots of acoustic guitar, fronted by flute & mellotron, as well as more overtly rock sounding parts, but even at their most rock based, bass & drums are kept to a minimum. Nothing else is quite like this one, & it's great!

“THE DEFINITIVE EDITION” which will contain the following:
1. the remastered version of the 7 compositions and recordings of "PRINCIPE DI UN GIORNO" from 1976
2. the English version of the 6 compositions of "PRINCE OF ONE DAY" of 1974
3. the song BOSWELLIA SACRA excluded from the 1976 album
4. the song NORA excluded from the album of 1976
5. the song FAVOLE ANTICHE (instrumental version) 1974”
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