Chamberlin, Jimmy - The Parable

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Very, very good modern jazz album from the former drummer of Smashing Pumpkins (who studied jazz for decades and is no dilletante!), along with an amazing group:
Chris Speed - reeds
Sean Woolstenhulme - guitar
Billy Mohler - double bass
Randy Ingram - piano
A lot of this reminds me of Alas No Axis, which is another (great) group that Chris Speed plays in. Hugely recommmended!

“What you hear on the record is literally the first or second attempt at playing these compositions in the room,” says Chamberlin. “We just got into a room, sketched out the tunes, maybe jotted down an arrangement or two. Then, we were off to the races. We didn’t want to get into forcing it too much. We wanted it to evolve in its own footprint. It freaks people out, but for me, I’m a big believer — not in an irresponsible way — in the idea of just letting things happen.”

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