Chaos and The Cosmos - Our Song CD

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Paul Langer - vocals, guitars, bass, drums
John Allday - keys, trumpet, vocals
Rachel Nesvig - violin, angelic choir
Aleida Gehrels - viola, angelic choir
Phil Hirschi - cello

John is the keyboardist with Moon Letters; this is a different side of his work but it’s of equal quality.

“Chaos and The Cosmos is an original indie art rock band, who crafts the listening experience to your Space Rock, Dream Pop needs using our deeply rooted influences in 60's Psychedelic and Folk, 70's Art Rock, Classical Music, and Vintage and Newer Electronica.
Chaos and The Cosmos is the musical vehicle of composers Paul Langer and John Allday. From conception to earbud, they draw on decades of musical exploration, playing in bands of varying genres including southern rock, experimental/avant guard, new wave, alternative, prog, surf, with triphop and americana sprinkled in.”
  • UPC195269229344
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