Chapman, Roger - One More Time for Peace (special)

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"I'm rather surprised that I'm the first one to review and even rate this record. It has been the weekly tip on a large German newspaper about 3 months ago. They were really enthusiastic about it, and - against normal operation - I can confirm their judgement this time. This may well be Roger Chapman's best solo album, only slightly topped by his work with Family in the sixties on a few spots. Covers a big area of musical influences from folk, country, rock, and even contains a nice cover version of the traditional "Jerusalem". Roger Chapman's voice is not as exalted as it was in the past, but is nevertheless very much recognizable from it's unique sound. This record is definitly too good to get neglected the way it seems to be."

"2007 studio album from one of the most powerful vocalists in Rock music. Chapman is best-known for his work with Family and the '70s R&B band Streetwalkers. In the pre-Punk era, Roger was an enormous cult figure on the British Rock scene, famed for his spectacular showmanship and soaring vibrato. John Peel, the evergreen Radio 1 DJ, vowed that he'd travel colossal distances to catch a Chapman gig. But in the late '70s/early '80s when '60s musicians were being indiscriminately pensioned off in this country, Roger poured his energies into performing abroad and thus becoming a Rock exile. Through talent and resilience, he rebuilt his career in Germany during the '80s, packing out venues, promoting a spate of successful albums..."
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