Cherry, Don - Orient / Blue Lake 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Two very rare, originally never generally released, live sets from 1971, featuring Don Cherry doing his very early, proto-world music sound , peforming on a number of instruments: piano, trumpet, Native American flute, vocals (ala "Mu") and backed by Han Bennink (drums, percussion, accordion) and Moki Cherry (tambura) on 45’ of recordings from 8/11/1971 and Johnny Dyani (double bass) and Okay Temiz (drums, doumbek, darbuka, percussion) on over 80’ from 4/22/71!

“Charly have finally set some of Don Cherry's most legendary music to the straight and narrow. There have been bootleg recordings, and at least one official issue of both the Orient and Blue Lake albums to date. Sound quality varies, and presentation does too.
This double-CD includes both double live albums Cherry cut for the Actuel label in France in 1971, using two different trios, bringing the two dates, recorded only 11 days apart, together as whole. It also sets the record of who played on what straight.
It is a stunning, deeply moving picture of a musician feeling the payoff in his principle and discipline. Coming off the two now legendary MU duet recordings with Ed Blackwell, Cherry was restlessly, and seemingly relentlessly, working to expand his musical palette to include as many of the planet's traditions as he could. The first of these trios features Cherry on his pocket trumpet, flutes, piano, and vocals -- doing everything from simple droning hums to Tuvan polyphonic singing -- Han Bennink on various percussion, drums, and accordion, and Mocqui Cherry (Don's wife) on tamboura. This band makes up two very long selections "Orient" and "Si Ta Ra Ma." The effects these two expansive tracks have is not only mesmerizing, it's astonishing.
The other five cuts that make up the last two on Disc One, and all of Disc Two, feature the great South African bassist Johnny Dyani and the Turkish drummer Okay Temiz. While more in line with the free jazz element of Cherry's musical universe, these two offer a breakdown of forms and paint a new landscape on which improvisational dialogue can be built. Check especially the gorgeous implementation of lyricism in "Dollar's and Okay's Tunes," referring not only to the drummer, but to pianist Abdullah Ibrahim (then known as "Dollar Brand").
The gorgeous, complex, melodic universes create immediate and mysterious harmonic architectures that offer rhythm as an aspect of shift, change, and mode -- listen for the Andalusian folk songs in "Eagle Eye," with Cherry moaning and singing with his lyrical line on the piano, as Temiz double times and then refracts it back to Dyani who lays a groove down so Cherry can bring the audience into play in song. This is the way to get these two records on CD, and not get ripped off in the process.”~Thom Jurek, All Music Guide
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