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First time on vinyl for this.
Pretty indescribably 'out' but really good album (the first of two) by this amplified acoustic guitar/drum kit duo. Somewhere between ultra-tight and ultra-deconstructed (and, as I write this, I realize that things CAN be both, they just usually aren't), this has an incredible amount of musical information being disseminated by just two instruments. A classic of a certain peculiar type of experimental music.

"Guitarist Thomas Bonvalet constructs melodies of a peculiar kind that are somehow reminiscent of Gastr del Sol's, except that Cheval de Frise is making loud, noisy breaks instead of atmospherics. Always on the verge between experimental rock and pure noise (the band has often been compared to Don Caballero), their instrumental tunes are constantly battling between drums and guitar. A music playing on permanent retention and letting go of energy: powerful, tense, disconcerting, and addicting."-Romain Guillou/AllMusic

“A "cheval de frise" is a military defensive structure. It is the alias under which Thomas Bonvalet and Vincent Beysselance formed their duo, creating anxious, agitated music with perpetually changing, almost Baroque, patterns. Urgent, emotional, and paradoxically structured and thought out in the finest detail, it drew much of its influences from the many forms of '90s American post-hardcore, while being undeniably singular. The formation was instrumental and the bass was abandoned for an amplified classical guitar, giving them their signature sound. In a French musical landscape where rock and guitar music did not thrill much anymore, Cheval de Frise came as a surprise. After a few demos, the band released their first eponymous album in 2000 on Sonore, a label based in Bordeaux. It was well received, allowing Cheval de Frise to tour all over Europe. Their second album, Fresques sur les parois secrètes du crâne, was recorded in 2002. The band split in 2004 leaving their mini album La Lame du Mat to be released later. Around the world, many instrumental, energetic, fast and complex bands would emerge in the following years, usually labeled as "math rock". But the unique color of Cheval de Frise remained, marked by a certain anachronistic romanticism.”
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