Child Abuse - Imaginary Enemies

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“The math-y riffs and beats could sound clinical (the band cites composers Karlheinz Stockhausen and Charles Ives as influences), but the sweat and grime it takes to execute them is wisely left intact. Let your pupils dilate and your brain liquefy.”-PITCHFORK

“…keeping the "fuck you" spirit of punk rock alive, actualizing their very own genre defying, almost avant-garde psychosis.”-EXCLAIM

“In their 15 years of existence, CHILD ABUSE have become much more than a jarring name. The NY trio has fused elements of Noise, Death Metal, Free Jazz, Modern Classical and Grind into something entirely their own, all the while becoming one of the most innovative, and polarizing bands in New York. ”Imaginary Enemy”, the band's 4th full-length album, expands on their forays into previously uncharted musical territory, while remaining true to their unmistakable sound.”
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