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The one and only album by Chillum is actually the third and final album by Second Hand. Second Hand were having an audition for a guitarist and the tapes were rolling while he jammed with them. The music was determined to be good enough to release (absolutely - it's my favorite album by these guys!) but for some reason not under the Second Hand name! This has a very heavy, almost proto-stoner underground feel, with heavy guitar work. A very nice piece of early UK progressive sound and a small classic of its kind. Now with 4 songs not on the original release and detailed notes.

"This is in fact the third recording by Second Hand, one of the UK's most admired underground bands, here known as Chillum. Recorded while they were auditioning for a guitarist, it has a loose, improvisational freak-out feel, albeit with plenty of their trademark intensity. Originally issued in a tiny run in December 1971, it's presented here in its definitive form, remastered from original tapes, with four rare bonus tracks and a packed booklet offering rare photographs, detailed liner notes and an introduction from its producer, the legendary Vic Keary. Chillum was included on the Nurse With Wound list." "Adventurous rock fans will probably find a lot to like here as well, but be aware this IS every bit as druggy and spaced out as the band's name implies (a chillum being a device for smoking hashish)."-Another World Of Sound blog
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