Chon - Homey

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So, this is the 2nd release from this San Diego math-rock trio. Like Upsilon Acrux, also originally from San Diego, there is a lot of tapping and polyrhythms, but unlike Upsilon, Chon's sound is very happy, warm and sunny.
Yes. Happy, warm and sunny progcore mathrock. Believe it, baby.

"On their second full-length, San Diego's Chon continue to refine their complex yet highly listenable brand of knotty, mostly instrumental rock. The palm tree and pink tint on the album's cover, not to mention its title, are a good indication of the sound and mood here. It's vibrant, summery, and friendly, sounding like the work of best friends who do everything together, and also happen to be highly skilled musicians. While associated with various post-hardcore scenes, their music is hardly aggressive or confrontational, and seems closer in spirit to prog or jazz. Instead of writing lengthy epics, however, the band keeps its songs brief, concise, and punchy..."-AllMusic
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