Chrome - Third From The Sun

Until they imploded (which didn't take very long, actually), San Francisco's Chrome were a cool and punky blend of crazy sounds, noise, psychedelic guitar excess and raw energy, coming across like a mix of The Stooges and Hawkwind.

"Noiseville is very proud to have the chance to reissue these absolutely must-have traces of interstellar psych perfection from San Francisco's legendary Chrome. The sound was beefed up, and each was repackaged with the original art from their initial release back in the early '80s. These 3 albums (Alien Soundtracks, Half Machine Lip Moves, Third From The Sun) are classics and should never have gone out-of-print. But due to fighting within the band, these CDs will not be repressed and most unfortunately, the LP counterparts never made it past the test pressing stage, until the dispute has been settled by the courts, this is it." Third From The Sun was originally released on Siren Records in 1982, right before the band's break-up, with Damon Edge and Helios Creed chuddering out creepy post-garage industrial murk. Third From The Sun sounds more conventional rock than their prior releases, while still maintaining the garbage-y, weird-space psychonaut vibe that would be their trademark. Grinding guitars, terrifyingly creepazoid vocals, and a bass that sounds like rocks thudding off of someone's head."
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The Tail-end of Chrome's run for "masters of the universe"!While still a fine album,the intense insanity seems a bit dialed back here. This still features the Hendrix-damaged Helios Creed on guitar,but now one drummer is only in the fold,and it shows. Hardly a tape-college to be found,...but this bunch still sound like something that followed you home from the sewers of San Fran. My favorite title of theirs for an album was "No Humans Allowed",...and the music here still sounds "sub-terranian" and dimly lit,....but the band seems so happy to be there. If that sounds like a place you'd like to party,...well,here's your album for that bash!
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