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“The Chronicles Of Father Robin is a Norwegian band with members of Wobbler, Tusmorke, The Samuel Jackson Five, and Les flue du Mal. Knowing Wobbler as well as I do I was surprised that this band completely eluded me. Twilight Fields is a vinyl only long EP (side one: Twilight Fields 16:10 - side two: The Ritual Of The Beneficial Ancestor 7:24) that was released by upstart Norwegian label Fresh Tea back in 2013
It arrives in a hand numbered edition of 300 copies.
So what does it sound like? WHAT DO YOU THINK IT SOUNDS LIKE???? Lars Fredrik Froislie has his full arsenal of keyboards in tow - the Hammond, the 'tron, Chamberlin (!), Mini-Moog and more. Its all on display here, you never have to worry about Lars being shy or hiding in the mix. Wobbler vocalist Andreas Pestrmo is on vocals, guitars and keys. The music has a mystical folk feel at times and isn't all that dissimilar to Wobbler although you won't hear the overt Yes influences - they leave that behind but there is still plenty of bombast and pyrotechnics on display. With Regin Meyer on flute you will probably be reminded more of White Willow. In fact the more I'm drawn into the music the more I would point towards White Willow a somewhat of a comparison.”-Ken Golden

“The seeds of this band emerged up from the fertile Norwegian musical underground back in 1993. A joint interest in folk tales, fantasy literature, psychedelia and the adventurous rock of the 1970's brought a bunch of seeking teenage companions together.
We listened to adventurous music and undertook long scouting trips along the borders, discussing principles of life, love and metaphysics, as we still do.
During the years, much like laying bricks when you are building a house, we created the story of the entity Father Robin. Through lenghty jam sessions and then more finely tuned arranging and structuring, we developed an ongoing system where every song linked itself to the others, according to the terms of the continuing storyline and the spurious relationship between them. Holistic impulsivity and ideas, music and concept all melted together in one pot. With the passing of time it has become the tale of Father Robin and his world Airoea.”
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