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Circle are a long-lived and hugely prolific Finnish underground rock band. Using elements of minimalism, stoner-rock, doom-metal, Krautrock and a lot more (sometimes at the same time and sometimes not), they've got a huge number of albums out on a billion labels (most notably their own, Ektro) and with a wide variety of sounds and approaches, but always using repetition and hypnotic ideas in a very good way.

"Circle's long lost 3rd album from 1996 finally re-released! Ambient soundscapes and hypnotic rock shake hands with the avant-garde, fusing into an ominous puppet theatre soundtrack - for adults."

"Circle's entire discography is so hard to follow and hard to categorize. All albums have flaws but what's most important, all of them have a tremendous feel. This is pure trance music ; this finnish band is simply the new Can of the 21st century ! Try only one album and you'll be hooked for life."
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