Circle - Leviatan

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Circle are a long-lived and hugely prolific Finnish underground rock band. Using elements of minimalism, stoner-rock, doom-metal, Krautrock and a lot more (sometimes at the same time and sometimes not), they've got a huge number of albums out on a billion labels (most notably their own, Ektro) and with a wide variety of sounds and approaches, but always using repetition and hypnotic ideas in a very good way.

"Somewhere between the freeform acidkrautfolk of Amon Duul I and the spacey contemplative ethnokraut of the first Agitation Free album. I wasn't expecting this to be as good or as consistent as it is, considering the album prior to this is technical death metal and the album prior to that is some sort of medieval dark ambient drone thing, and this is from a band who're supposed to be a minimalist krautrock band that've spent almost a decade toying around with being a dumbed down psych/prog revival band. "Post-Kapitalismus" is a bit of a drag, but the rest is damn good."-rateyourmusic
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