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"A deluxe 2CD reissue of the wonderful Triumph 2LP released earlier in 2009 by Finland's finest export, Circle, following an affiliation that takes in the now o/p Arkades LP and equally almost sold-out 2CD reissue of it and, indeed, which goes back to 1995, when the label first released the (now rare/collectible) 7", Ghatarian. As with the 2LP, the two discs are wrapped in a high quality gatefold sleeve, closely resembling the original. As with the original Arkades LP/2CD, this release gathers recordings from a session at WFMU, this time recorded during their second U.S. tour and captured live on September 25, 2007. Spread over the two discs are the 6 cuts which made up Circle's second session for WFMU, once more capturing the self-proclaimed new wave of Finnish heavy metal outfit proving themselves to be almost everything but "heavy metal," despite possessing the only too-apparent ability to compete with the best amongst that world. Taking in operatic vocals, unearthly mulch, psychedelic splurge, nods towards folk and Krautrock, and mammoth riffs capable of knocking down nearby buildings, avant-rock has rarely arrived both so potent and in dire need of a straitjacket before. Circle is: Mika Rättö (vocals, keyboards), Tomi Leppänen (drums, electronics), Janne Westerlund (guitars, vocals), Jussi Lehtisalo (bass, vocals), and Tuomas Laurila (sound engineer, tapes)."

"In addition to a plethora of strange, progged-out passages, Triumph features some incredibly sensitive, far less theatrical work ... Always purveyors of superior kosmische fare, this release ranks amongst the Finnish band's finest."-Boomkat

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