Circle - Zopalki

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Circle are a long-lived and hugely prolific Finnish underground rock band. Using elements of minimalism, stoner-rock, doom-metal, Krautrock and a lot more (sometimes at the same time and sometimes not), they've got a huge number of albums out on a billion labels (most notably their own, Ektro) and with a wide variety of sounds and approaches, but always using repetition and hypnotic ideas in a very good way. The opening track on this one sums up everything that is great about this band!

"Now that the 90's are over, I guess I can comfortably state that Circle, the criminally obscure outfit from the coastal town of Pori in southwestern Finland, is my pick for 'band of the decade.'"-Aural Innovations

"Circle has been a fine discovery for me, and I have relished exploring their large discography that all too few people know about. Their music to my ear has run the gamut from awe-inspiring to practically un-listenable. This album falls somewhere in the middle. I respect them for their willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles, yet they always maintain their signature fascination with the groove. Bands face a difficult proposition when they create music of a very repetitive nature. If the repetitive riff is not mind blowing, beautiful, or in some way not strong enough, the listener will of course become bored in a very short time. Unfortunately, on Zopalki this occurs a little too frequently. There are however some very good tracks with a couple that do fall into the mind blowing realm. "Ghariatan" is one of those, a real ear stunner."-rateyourmusic
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