Clark, Scott - ToNow

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Cameron Ralston bass
Jason Scott saxophone
Bob Miller trumpet
Alan Parker guitar
Toby Summerfield guitar
Scott Clark drums

"I've been watching drummer and composer Scott Clark for a few years now & he is really developing into a major force in music. This is composed free-ish jazz and includes two electric guitarists which give it more of a rock / postrock feel than most free jazz. One of the guitarists is the great Toby Summerfield of Algernon and Larval! Highly recommended!

ToNow is a contribution in music to the protests that took place at Standing Rock for much of 2016-2017 and remain ongoing. Four songs represent four different aspects: “Plains” (the landscape), “Stand” (Standing Rock reservation), “Red, White, Yellow” (colors on the reservation flag) and “Cantapeta Creek” (the epicenter of the protests). ToNow is meant to be listened to as a suite, continuing the through- compositional voice heard on Bury My Heart (2016), inspired by the events in Dee Brown’s book of the same name. Clark continues to explore the meanings of his own Native heritage in an improvisational and collaborative context, with returning personnel on bass, saxophone and trumpet and two additional guitar voices. An enervating and elegaic post-rock, post-bop format."
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