Clepsydra - Fears CD (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“The sharpness and transparency in executions is one of the notable features of this fine group. Added to this the remarkable sound quality.
Despite being a friendly sort, whether it is the term, if you listen superficially may sound monotonous, without major changes, and devoid of remarkable tunes. Or just consider it a good mixture between Marillion, Jadis and Pendragon, mainly. That happened to me a while, it sounded to a sum of common and well-known formulas. In the long run not so well, it does not mean that they have created a new sound or invented gunpowder. Without cracking choruses or catchy riffs, good melodies are identifiable.
Except "Fearless", the rest of the songs make up a significant compendium of dynamic music, thoughtful, and articulate.”-progarchives
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