Cline, Alex / Flower Garland Orchestra - Oceans Of Vows 2 x CD box

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Nicely packaged release from composer and percussionist Alex Cline and his musical pals. This is [apparently] the final release from Cryptogrammophone (who can blame them] and this is a beautifully packaged and wonderful goodbye, if so....
Nels Cline, electric guitars
G.E. Stinson, electric guitars
Wayne Peet, electric piano, organ
Yuka C. Honda, electric keyboards, samples
Scott Walton, bass, keyboard
Chi Li, erhu, zhonghu, zheng, qin
Jeff Gauthier, electric violin
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, electric 5-string violin
Maggie Parkins, cello
Will Salmon, flute, recorders
Brad Dutz, vibraphone, hand drums, crotales, gongs, percussion
Alex Cline, drums, gongs, percussion
Areni Agbabian, voice
Vicki Ray, conductor

"Alex Cline's Oceans of Vows is a deluxe box set of music drawing inspiration from four poems by Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, as well as excerpts from the Buddhist text known as the Avatamsaka Sutra. It's performed by composer/percussionist Alex Cline and his all-star 14-piece Flower Garland Orchestra, featuring Nels Cline, Yuka C. Honda, and many stalwarts of the L.A. creative music community."

"ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!! Beautiful, Ethereal, Mystical, Spiritual, Free, Mesmerizing, Astounding, Meditative, Contemplative - are just the first few words that come to mind when trying to describe this absolute Masterpiece of an album by Master Percussionist Alex Cline! Joined throughout this 2 hour magnum opus by fellow Cryptogramophone Jazz alum, including brother Nels Cline on guitar, this album is a beautifully mesmerizing journey through a spiritual dreamscape. I can't rate this highly enough! All of Alex Cline's releases are ethereally mesmerizing musical trips but this, the latest, is truly something special. Amazing sound and production, as well as brilliant musicianship of the highest order, from start to finish, topped off with perfectly placed ambient and beautiful female vocals, this release truly is 2 FULL HOURS OF GREATNESS!!!!!"-Aaron J. Geddes
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