Cline, Nels / Andrea Parkins / Tom Rainey - Downpour CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Three great players, Nels Cline on guitar, Andrea Parkins on accordion and sampler and (the amazing) Tom Rainey on drums.

“Rainey was a surprise hero of this year’s FIMAV, a critical one-third of an improvisational encounter with guitarist Nels Cline (longtime L.A. “out cat” getting wider play through his gig with Wilco) and Andrea Parkins, accordionist/pianist with a textural flair. Somehow, Rainey was the primary source of musical mojo, whether venturing abstractly or setting up inventive, fragmentary bursts of groove and rhythmic force. A musician trapped in a drummer’s body!” - Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara Independant
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