Coachmania [The Coachmen/Septimania] - Coachmania! The Coachmen on Holiday in Septimania

The Coachmen is the band of illustrator J.D. King. Septimania is the project of Jonathan Thomas, formerly of the Amoebic Ensemble (Alec K. Redfearn's first band and definitely a precursor of The Eyesores). Jonathan and J.D. are both from Providence, Rhode Island, so a musical meeting was inevitable, weren't it? I am not familiar with The Coachmen, so I can only say that this has more guitar than Septimania's previous album (J.D. is a guitarist) but is not so dissimilar from the previous Septimania album, which means little melodies, funny noises, found percussion, normal and 'unusual' instrumentation, broken electronics, surprisingly intriguing noises and mostly the fun of experimenting musically and taking the best parts and making an album!
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