Coevality - Multiple Personalities CD

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Jon Reicher - 7 string guitar, Fretless Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Trumpet, Midi Programming
Derrick Elliott - 6 string Fretless Bass, 5 String Bass, Cello, Upright Bass, Chimes, Midi Programming
Andy Prado - Drums

“This is a 7 song instrumental concept album, that functions as one complete piece from front to back. It took 10 years of writing, multiple line up changes, and we couldn't be more proud to present this to you.”

“Its always a pleasure to hear a bunch of young musicians that can play their asses off with real confidence. Coevality is a Los Angeles based trio and Multiple Personalities is their debut.
This is one of those genre defying albums where these kats have assimilated lots of influences from the prog and fusion universe. Its an instrumental affair with very tasteful shredding through out. It never wanders into the metal domain but I would imagine metalheads would be suitably impressed. Love the fretless bass and the stunt guitar solos will make you grin. The band utilizes midi-keyboards to add an effective textural background. It all seems to have a very uplifting and positive vibe.
If we ever see progressive music festivals again I would imagine somewhere along the line we'll see Coevality appear.
Did I mention these three guys can really play? Highly recommended.”-Ken Golden
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  • UPC195269081348
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