Coleman, Ornette - Something Else!!! (special)

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This is the ground zero of modern jazz's recorded efforts of the last 50 years; if you want to hear another recording that had as much influence, you'd have to go back nearly 15 years earlier to Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker's first recordings together in 1945! The basic story is quite well known, how after nearly a decade of serious struggle and disdain by the general music community, Ornette managed to gather a few loyal musicians around him and develop his music. He was invited to perform some of his pieces for record label owner Lester Koenig in the hopes of selling some of his compositions, but Koenig liked his playing and offered him his first studio date, which occurred in early 1958 and is what this album is. By any measure, this is a vital first effort. Highly recommmended.

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