Collier, Graham - Down Another Road / Song For My Father / Mosaics 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is a great thing! Here are three of Graham's early and great works, all originally released in 1969-1971, complete on 2 CDs. Like the somewhat better known Michael Gibbs or lesser known Neil Ardley, bassist/composer Collier is a long time leader in the field of large scale compositions that effortlessly meld jazz and rock in very attractive ways.
Some of the many, many fine Brit-jazz musicians appearing here include: Harry Beckett, Stan Sulzmann, Nick Evans, Karl Jenkins, John Marshall, Alan Wakeman, John Taylor, Alan Skidmore, Phil Lee, Geoff Castle and John Webb, among others.
Essential Brit-jazz, from one of the pioneers of the modern British jazz scene.
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