Colosseum - Ruisrock Festival – August 22, 1970 Turku, Finland (Mega Blowout Sale)

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A really good recording from the archives, by one of the pivotal progressive bands that emerged in 1968 or so and who only lasted for 3 years, but somehow managed to tour constantly while also putting out 4 very good albums in that period!

“This is a surprisingly good recording - from a festival in Finland in 1970 with selections of tracks from the Daughter of Time album and the later Colosseum Live.
These were their glory years before they broke up, having recorded the inimitable "Valentyne Suite", the superb "Daughter of Time" and the stunning "Colosseum Live" albums... part of the astonishing outbreak of music from 1969-1972, along with King Crimson, Yes, Van Der Graaf and Pink Floyd - defining the music of my youth and an era of inventive and intelligent music that has not been matched since.”-Mark Shackelford
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