Coltrane, John - Live At Penn State '63 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Very good, early 60s FM broadcast sound.

“Overall this is a pretty good night for the band. They sound on top of things with Coltrane getting in some great solos, and Tyner playing some typically visceral piano throughout the set. The rhythm section is on fire too--pushing and shaping the music at just about every turn. Listen as Coltrane dismantles and then puts back together the melody in "The Inch Worm". The rhythm section is loose and fluid, giving 'Trane the room and the freedom (something fairly new) to string together a cluster of notes that, with his seemingly super-human breathing technique, escape as a constant flurry of notes in his solo. Likewise, listen to Tyner's opening solo on "Mr. P.C.", sounding like an echo of 'Trane's playing. Once again the rhythm section is relentlessly pushing everything forward. Sadly "Mr. P.C." fades out at the beginning of Garrison's bass solo--too bad. "My Favorite Things" is particularly good with Tyner really digging in on his long solo before 'Trane slips in to play variations of the melody. Sadly this tune ends abruptly in mid-'Trane blowing which is jarring. If the entire concert sounds as good as these tracks I wish the entire set could've been released.”-Stuart Jefferson

"When John Coltrane played Pennsylvania State University on January 19, 1963, he was about a year into his stint as leader of what's been canonized as his "classic" quartet. With McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums, WDFM's broadcast of performances from this concert presented almost 70 minutes of imaginative improvisation. Besides Coltrane's own "Mr. P.C.," the program was dominated by extended reinventions of popular standards, including "My Favorite Things" and a 25-minute version of "Bye Bye Blackbird."
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