Coltrane, John - The Complete Concerts: Live In France July 27 and 28, 1965 : 2 x CDs

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Recorded the next two days after the famous (and easily available) show at Antibes where JC and band played A Love Supreme in full for the only time!
1965 ‘classic quartet Coltrane’ is my very favorite of his periods and this is a treat for me personally!

“Two discs 62 and 49 minutes each approximately. The sound is close to (but not quite as good) as the LIVE TRANE box set released years ago. The bass is a bit "muddy", but is discernible if you listen closely. The piano can be heard clearly but is pushed slightly back in the mix, along with the drums. This set comprises two concerts in Paris, France in July 1965.
But what sets this collection apart from other live sets is that Coltrane (in deference to the audience) performed "Ascension" at each of these two concerts. These are the only known times he played this tune outside of the studio. Previously in discographies these two tracks were listed as "Blue Valse", due to an error by a French broadcaster, who misunderstood the title. These two complete concerts have not been available for quite some time, and it's nice to have them again in good sound.
Both versions of "Ascension" are markedly different than the studio version, due primarily because of Pharoah Sanders absence. In the studio Sanders pushed both himself and Coltrane into some then uncharted territory. Heard here, they sound fairly conventional, but are nonetheless good interpretations of the tune. In a quartet setting, Coltrane plays back and forth with the melody and some "outside" playing, but nothing like he would later display in his final era.
The second disc which was recorded the day after the above, starts off with an even lengthier version of "Ascension", and the playing is a bit "harder" in this set. Both Coltrane and Tyner come out with some fierce playing from the beginning. As always,E lvin Jones' drums are an integral part of the group sound, and here he shows what he does best-playing with fire as he fills in and around both Coltrane and Tyner. The second track, "Afro Blue", is played more in the "free" style that Coltrane was starting to bring into his music. However, it's not as "outside" as his playing eventually would become. The concert wraps up with another version of "Impressions", which is well known but still a treat to hear.
For those who have listened to Coltrane with his various groups, it's well known that this particular group was one of (if not his best) his best groups of any size. This is an important release because these concerts were played back-to-back, and both contain "Ascension" in the set list. This alone makes this set worth putting in the Coltrane "library". For anyone wanting to hear what all the fuss is about Coltrane and this particularly fine "4tet", this would be one of the sets to hear. For anyone who likes this era of Coltrane's sound, pick this up-you won't be disappointed.”-Stuart Jefferson
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