Coltrane, Ravi - Blending Times (special)

A 2009 release featuring: Ravi Coltrane-tenor sax, Luis Perdomo-piano, Drew Gress-double bass, E.J. Strickland-drums with guests Charlie Haden and Brandee Younger on one track.

"This album while having many sections that could be described as out there, has many moments that shine brightly or otherworldly. The tracks "Shine", "Episthrophy", and "For Turiya" stand out to me. Shine has many beautiful piano sections complemented by Ravi wonderful tone. Ravi does a very hip interpretation of Thelonious Monk's Episthrophy. He hits it hard with a sound resembling that of his father's middle period. He works the changes masterfully. For Turiya, brings hauntingly beautiful religious tones to this album. The mixture of the harp, Charlie Haden's bass and Ravi's tenor sax is otherworldly. This is one of the best jazz albums of 2009."-H. Shipman
  • LabelFree World
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