Combat Astronomy - Dreams No Longer Hesitate

Terrific album from this heavy zeuhl/brutal prog, project, led by bassist James Huggett. This has all the things that made their first album a clear winner with one additional secret weapon: Elaine di Falco, the magnificent singer of Hughscore, who appears on the entire album and adds a striking, cool touch to what is otherwise a blazing and white hot album. Highly recommended. Really!

"Three years after the ground breaking and critically acclaimed 'The Dematerialised Passenger', transatlantic progressive jazz outfit Combat Astronomy return with 'Dreams No Longer Hesitate', their third full length album. An epic disc of inspired and multidimensional modern music, 'Dreams No Longer Hesitate' builds on influences such as the avant prog-rock of Magma and space jazz of Sun Ra, incorporating elements of the sophisticated mathematical grind of bands like Meshuggah and Godflesh while retaining a unique and coherent voice that is entirely its own. Elaine di Falco (Caveman Shoestore/Thinking Plague) brings an intimate, ethereal and impassioned vocal presence that has a remarkable synergy with the guttural down-tuned bass guitars of Combat Astronomy lynchpin James Huggett. Di Falco's voice melds into breathtaking harmonies that swirl above the thunderous and serpentine rhythm section of Martin Archer, Mick Beck and Mike Ward. Stars of the British underground improv/jazz scene, Archer, Beck and Ward return with searing, pin-sharp horn work that varies from baying ensemble insanity to delicate, exotic textures. By turns wilder and more refined than its predecessor, 'Dreams No Longer Hesitate' is emotional, ambitious and strangely moving. From the engaging and disturbing opener of 'Lightning in her eyes' to the transcendent, blissful closing song 'Ordinary Miracles', the work is intended as a literal movement from one state of consciousness to another, each section carefully framed within the holistic structure. 'Dreams No Longer Hesitate' speaks Combat Astronomy's distinct, clear and powerful voice in a language that gains power and inertia with every release."

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