Combat Astronomy - Kundalini Apocalypse

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Fifth release from this churning, heavy, band who are somewhere between zeuhl and noise-rock. Leader/band conceptualist James Huggett performs on fretless five string bass and programing (which provides the heavy drumming). Also appearing is Martin Archer (bass clarinet, baritone, alto and sopranino saxes, organ) and vocalist Elaine di Falco (on two tracks). This is his most 'stripped down to the basics' album in some time: HEAVY ASS drum programming, HEAVY ASS bass pyrotechnics and lots of sound/noise/instrument manipulations. For fans of Zeuhl, modern avant-metal and modern heavy avant-progressive rock.

"Monstrously heavy, groovy, trippy, creative. Dubby, dynamic and dastardly. Combat Astronomy continue to display flair, creativity and stubborn iconoclasticism on their latest album "Kundalini Apocalypse". Intended to be released in time for the end of world, it arrived late. We are all of course still here and you are invited to go on an internal adventure of collapse and rebirth with another premium disc of unique poly-metric bass guitar metal, avant jazz and abstract drones."
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