Combo FH - Veci / Situace na Strese (expanded/remastered) 2 x CDs

Veci is a album that Wayside Music used to sell hundreds of in the early 1980s and that many, many people remember fondly, even nearly 40 years later. Combo FH were a RIO-style avant/progressive band who used keyboards, reeds, violin, bassoon, guitars, bass, drums and percussion.
This is the very first time that any of this material has been issued on CD and it's all here. You can follow their development from their "Mini Jazz Club" 1st release of 1976, where they are a very good, quirky sorta of fusion/progressive band, to their peak in the very early 1980s via singles and their album, onto their shockingly disapointing second album and a lot of demos. It's all here, but you won't want to listen to much beyond the 1st disc. Having said that, this is still reasonably priced even for one disc and this is beautifully done with lots of great photos and (Czech) liner notes. Essential for fans of avant/progressive/RIO-style music.

"None of the members of this group were full-time musicians, but they run through 14 brief (1':35" to 4':26"), but very intricate compositions (mostly by keyboardist Daniel Fikejz), as if they were conservatory-trained. Wonderful stuff which, although strongly influenced by Hungarian folk and classical (i.e., Bartok) musics, seems very Zappa-inspired (circa Burnt Weeny Sandwich). The basson is prominent, so the music is superficially reminiscent of Gryphon, at times. I highly recommend this to fans of Zappa, Canterbury sounds, RIO (esp. those of us who enjoy Nimal, Zamla, etc.), and people who like the sound of the bassoon. The music of Combo FH is weird, but not in a pernicious/atonal/chaotic way, so even those of you with more mainstream tastes may like this."-Dave Wayne/Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock <
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