Comebuckley - Salmon in a Ring-Shaped River 2 x CDs (special)

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Subtitled "A different story about Tim Buckley, this is a double CD that features two albums by the group Come Buckley, a band dedicated to keeping the work of Tim Buckley before the public, despite his relative obscurity and death. The first album, by a full band, was recorded in 1987, when Tim was basically a forgotten figure of American music. The new album celebrates the 20th anniversary of the album (never before on CD) with more recordings, this time by a more 'unplugged' approach to the works. This is the most ambitious Tim Buckley tribute ever.

"I am impressed with your dedication to Tim and his music, as well as by how closely the singer resembles Tim's tone and nuance....I think you guys are terrific..."-Lee Underwood (Tim's guitarist)

"But Comebuckley, as a seven-piece group, does bring something extra to Buckley's songs, namely an instrumental richness and complexity which was missing from the originals...they do offer additional and quite stimulating interpretations of his music."-Bill Tilland/Option
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