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Alessandro Baris (drums, guitars, keyboards, electronics), Leonardo Chirulli (keyboards), Fabio Elia (bass).

"Comfort - whose lineup is generally supplemented with multiple guests - is an eleven-year-old collective that have been variously described as post-rock, electronic, jazz, ambient and/or soundtrack. They describe their sound as an exploration between these genres - naturally coming from players of deep and varied musical roots - an in-between where the band operate with 'comfort' and without preconception, where the music becomes the pulse of their instinctive mood. Their most recent release, Sleep Talking Shared, (2009) was described as "intelligent, dexterous, jazzy rocktronica" (The Silent Ballet) with a "staggering diversity in mood and texture" (Tiny Mix Tapes). Exclaim Magazine said "though their scope is broad and guests many, the band is careful to let the instruments breathe and the silences matter". Proximity, the group's third full length, continues to explore among multiple genres and expands on their sound by adding vocals to many tracks. Guests here include Joseph Costa (L'Altra), Lindsay Anderson (L'Altra, Telefon Tel Aviv, Will Oldham), Anna Tomlin (Audrey), and Beppe Scardino (Orange Room, El Gallo Rojo Collective). Comfort recently played the Domino Festival in Brussels and have shared the stage with, among others, Joe Lally, Piano Magic, Do Make Say Think, and Autobam.
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