Concept - Supra Surge

Rare, collectable, late 70s psych/underground rock from Canada, which isn't quite as amazing as they make it out to be below, but which is still a very good record as long as you don't get too caught up in the massive hype. First time on CD, as far as I know.

"Originally released 1980 on Reveal, Concept's 2nd album Supra Surge is not only the band's masterpiece but generally a masterpiece of psychedelic and acid rock. Hard to believe, but the recording date was in 1980. This could be a lost Amon Düül II album of their early period up to 1972. Unbelievable and amazing! The band had refined their musical abilities and created a monster. Great melodies, flaming guitar tunes, excellent organ and keyboard work and absolutely great vocals all over show Concept at its best. Don't miss this album. You'll want to hear it again and again. 10 titles digitally remastered. Comprehensive booklet with all lyrics. Absolutely highly recommended!"
  • LabelLong Hair
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