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This is a expanded reissue of the Chilean legends 3rd from 1977. They are a long establish folk / progressive band that always had an experimental bite to their sound and are one of the greatest rock bands that were to come out of the 70s South American scene and they are still going strong! Conditionally highly recommended.

"In 1976 flutist Hugo Pirovich, who participated in Congreso's debut, replaced for a brief time Renato Vivaldi, but by the time of the recordings of a third album Vivaldi was back onboard. Facing the strict lines of the dictatorship, Congreso kept producing music, which now contained allegoric lyrics, preventing any chance of conflicts with the political environment. The band introduced a huge list of guests on strings and wind instruments (no less than seven musicians) and the new album ''Congreso'', known also as ''The cafe album'', was released on EMI Odeon.
With this work Congreso attempted to mix Andean Folk with an elaborate Chamber Rock, retaining the light rock elements through the bass lines and drumming, and offering for the first time a set of long tracks, ranging from 6 to 10 minutes.
Taking this work step by step, the first few pieces are following the same concept presented already by the band in previous releases, an elegant South-American Folk Rock with emphasis on expressive vocals and traditional instrumental tunes. With ''Los elementos'' you will face the band at its most experimental side, a slow, psychedelic intro with effects and drums will leave its place to mellow Andean Folk with the zampona in evidence and later to a dreamy instrumental work of Jazz, Folk and Chamber Music inspirations, which will close with an optimistic mood full of recorders and charango. Charango is also the main instrument on the following, short and rhythmic ballad ''El cielito de mi pieza''.''Tu canto'' clocks at about 6 minutes and features a nice intro with soft electric guitars, percussion and recorders, opening the way for a stretched Chamber Folk performance with melancholic orchestrations filled with strings and some bass, before closing in the same way as it has opened.
The development of the band becomes really apparent in the 10-min. ''Arco iris de Hollin'', which is closer to R.I.O. and Chamber Music than Folk, dominated by odd string sections and depressive orchestral parts, dark flute lines and even a jazzy taste.A true surprise considering that Congreso sounded usually as an optimistic group, this is definitely some haunting, semi-acoustic and very dramatic all instrumental music. For most of its part ''Congreso'' sounds like any other release by the band. Ethereal Prog Folk with an acoustic background, smooth interplays and romantic vocals.But the closing suite is an additional reason to buy the album for its unique atmosphere, somewhere between R.I.O. and Folk."
Cello – Maritza Pinto
Cello, Charango, Cuatro, Twelve-String Guitar – Patricio Gonzalez M.
Congas, Flute, Guitar – Arturo Riesco R.
Drums, Percussion, Harp – Sergio Gonzalez M.
Electric Bass, Vocals – Fernando Hurtado V.
Electric Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar – Fernando Gonzalez M.
Flute, Flute [Tarca] – Renato Vivaldi T.
Oboe – Rodrigo Herrera
Trumpet – Juan Carlos Avendaño
Viola – Samuel Espinoza
Violin [1st] – Patricio Rojas
Violin [2nd] – Yerko Pinto
Vocals, Flute [Quena], Panpipes [Zampoña] – Francisco Sazo B.
  • LabelCircolo Del Disco Produzione
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