Cordis - Here on Out

Intriguing debut by a band whose sound is heavily colored by the use of electric cello and electric cimbalom (sort of a hammered dulcimer) along with keyboards and drums. Very classically oriented but also not afraid at all to rock out! You won't hear anything else that sounds like this, I don't think. Comes in a really nice, unique die-cut package. "Cordis is an eclectic Boston-based group whose debut release, Here On Out, features some of music's finest up-and-coming talents including Sam Kassirer (Josh Ritter) on vintage keyboards, Dorothy Lawson (Ethel) on electric six-string cello, and internationally renowned multi-percussion soloist Richard Grimes on electric cimbalom. Cordis fuses an original combination of custom-made and traditional ethnic instruments to create the group's signature sound."
  • LabelLandspeed
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