Corea, Chick/Elektric Band - Live at Montreux 2004 DVD (special)

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"Chick Corea has been the most important Jazz Musician since Miles Davis, and this DVD shows that he still is just that. Joining Chick are all 4 original members of the Elektric Band. Each memeber of the Elektric band is quite possibly the best performer at his instrument. Eric Marienthal is a great sax player and performs at a top level during this whole set. John Patitucci is an amazing bass player. His standard fingering bass technique is nothing short of greatness; His phrasing and playing on this show that. Dave Weckl is one of the best drummers on the planet and has been for decades. His playing on this DVD is a must hear for drummers. He has taken his virtuosity to a new level. Frank Gambale is one of the best Fusion guitarists alive. His sweep picking technique has been a major influence on guitarists since the mid 1980's and he is spellbinding to hear. Together, they are the most talented group of musicians touring together on the planet. I have never seen a better band.(Some on the same level, but none better) During the 80's/90s this group recorded 4 great Cds together and I saw all of those tours. The decade between those cds and "To The Stars" didn't do anything to their compositions, telepathic interplay, virtuosity or live performance. This DVD captures the band at their most incredible state yet.The DVD is quality with good camera work and sound. The performance totals over 2 1/2 hours! The concert is in two parts. The first part is a live version of the "Two The Stars" CD. Like all other CCEB tours, the music is taken to greater heights. The band improvises greatly and on "Check Blast", "Mistress Luck", and "The Long Passage" the band takes turns amazing the audience and each other. All members of the band applaud for each other and Chick has a smile that shows he knows that something special happens when he is playing with these guys. They even do an extended acoustic version of "Alan Corday" which is amazing. I found "To The Stars" to be a good but not great Corea effort. This version is as amazing as anything that they have ever done. The band then takes a break. As great as the first part of the concert is, the second part is unreal. The band performs music from their 80's/90's tours. "CTA" is a Jimmy Heath song that the CCEB have been covering for years and have played during these last reunion tours nightly. This song is unbelievable. Each member of the band takes a solo spot. It is during this set that Dave Weckl takes his drumming to a new level. "Eternal Child" is from the "Eye of the Beholder" Cd. Once again, the band takes a compostion that I found to be good on Cd and make it great live. The whole band improvises again, and Gambale, Patitucci, and Marienthal are all incredible. ("Not shabby" in the words of Corea) 'Got A Match?' has always been a concert favorite and this version is awe inspiring. Chick starts out by trading be-bop lines with the audience. Then a great be-bop/jazz incluenced melody is played and improvised over. The whole band's virtuosity is taken to new levels. Most notable is John Patitucci's bass work. He never stops his "walking" bass and his solo is incredible. I am glad that Chick was able to get him for this gig. Chick, Marienthal and Gambale all add their own solos and then Chick trades fours with Dave Weckl. There has always been a special level of interplay between these two. They team up, yet again, to inspire each other and the audience. There is a flurry of unison lines by all and then the song ends. This tune is JAZZ fusion and an acoustic version would be amazing. All of Chick's years studying be-bop and jazz come out on this masterpiece. The DVD price is paid in full by this song alone. The first encore is "Spain". "Spain" has been a Corea concert staple for decades. The intro, based on the adagio movement from the "concierto de aranjuez"(Rodrigo), is improvised by both Corea and Patitucci. There are definite classical overtones during this part of the song. During the actual song, Marienthal and Gambale provide solos that are short, well phrased and virtuostic. Weckl closes it out with his typical brilliance. "Blue Miles" is the closer and the band shows some bluesy influences in the main theme. All performers do their thing again and then the show is over. To sum it up; This is the DVD that Fusion fans have been dreaming of and is now a reality. You will never buy a better Jazz/Rock/Fusion DVD based on Talent of the band. If you are a fan of any of these 5, then you'll want this immediately. As individuals, each member is an absolute revelation on his instrument and as a group this is a truly timeless perfomance. Buy it now."-Jeff Arenson
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