Corima - Amaterasu

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Andrea Calderón – violin, vocals
Paco Casanova - keys, synths, organ, vocals
Patrick Shiroishi - saxophones, guitar, glockenspiel, vocals
Ryan Kamiyamazaki - bass
Sergio Sanchez Ravelo - drums

A great, Los Angeles five piece who always tear the house down in performance, Corima take their cues from the mighty Magma and are unabashedly a very Magmoid zeuhl band.
They take that and give it a youthful energy and make it into something their own. Something borrowed, yes, but something their own too. Highly recommended for any zeuhl fool.

“Corima’s second official album [and third opus]. After their much appreciated album Quetzalcoatl from 2012, Amaterasu shows the band exploring new territories and developing a more personal vision, less Magma-focused and more diverse. The album features only 2 very long tracks, each being divided in several sub-segments.
Quetzalcoatl was a highly explosive and fun album, often compared to KoenjiHyakkei’s wild exhuberence, while Amaterasu is a more complex beast, the album of a mature band. Let’s cross fingers for the future....long live Corima!”
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