Cornwell, Hugh / Robert Williams - Nosferatu / Wolf (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is two solo albums by the ex-Stranglers guitarist and singer, only one of which you will most likely care about! But what a crazy album it is.
‘Nosferatu’ dates from 1979 and was a completely unexpected collaboration with Captain Beefheart drummer Robert Williams. Also featured are the Mothersbaugh brothers from Devo and Ian Underwood from The Mothers Of Invention!
It’s a pretty weird & experimental album for its time, and in 1979, was about the coolest, artiest thing out there, and includes the best cover of Cream’s “White Room” you will ever hear!
1988 was a solo album by Hugh just before he left The Stranglers.

“Nosferatu, a collaboration between Hugh and drummer Robert Williams recorded in "UnDead Loss Angeles" 1978, is a cool record. At the time it was not what Stranglers fans would have expected after their first three albums, as it is atonal, complex, lacking hooks, a bit heavyhanded at times. However the most I listen to it over the years the more I like it. Williams, a Beefheart/Zappa guy, plays wild drums, anything but 1/4, Hugh's weird twang is in there, some keyboards; they were inspired by the classic FW Murnau film LP named after, and its ultra-sinister villain, Max Schreck, to whom the album is dedicated. It's a great wannabe soundtrack to that silent movie. Rhythmic Itch features a couple Devo guys including a Mark Mothersbaugh vocal; White Room the Cream cover is the worst track on the album; stuff like Big Bug/Mothra/Wrong Way Round and my favorite Irate Caterpillar are just unique. A must for Stranglers fans and an underrated, overlooked record.”-Paul McGuire
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