Coryell, Larry - Fairyland

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I'm not the world's biggest Larry Coryell fan, but this sort of weird one-off, originally released on Mega Records and not his usual Vanguard label of the time, is a great one for the time period!
Recorded live in Montreux, Switzerland, June 18, 1971, this is a trio outing with electric bassist Chuck Rainey and drummer Bernard Purdie.
The sound is more than listenable, but it's rough and a bit distorted; that's ok. So is the music.

"After letting it sit on the shelf for years, I just digitized this one from vinyl and realized this is really a fine album.  What it is not is pure "jazz" - this is rock-n-jazz.  Larry's guitar sound is raw and distorted, he's bending notes all over the place.  And there's a lot of notes!  It ain't always clean, but there's plenty of pushing the envelope.  "Souls Dirge" is a beautifully bluesy vocal number (yes, hear Larry sing!).  "Eskdalemuir" is an eerie, droning modal number.  "Stones" comes closes to progressive jazz of the tunes on this album - a bit on the "outside".  "Further Explorations" is a straight-ahead fusion jam, and reminds me of some of Zappa's extended guitar work.
It's a long road from this explosive, rocking trio to Larry's more recent "power trio" work.  Throughout this album, you can hear that Coryell is not a common, everyday rock guitarist.  There's a seeking and reaching into harmonic and rhythmic depths that would come to fruition in Larry's later recordings."-rateyourmusic
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