Coscienza Di Zeno - La Coscienza Di Zeno (expanded / mini-lp sleeve)

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Founded in Genoa in 2007, CDZ released this, their very well regarded, self-titled first album in 2011.

They returned 3 years later with their second, Sensitivita on the Fading label, and now their out of print debut is repackaged and expanded and released once more, in a mini-lp sleeve!

A sextet featuring two keyboards (piano and all manner of analog electric keyboards), electric/acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, and vocals, with guests appearing on flute, accordion, voice and strings.

"This is the expression of modern progressive; mindful of the past, combining lightweight and elegant symphonic prog to hard-rock, drawing from and restructured the lesson of the renowned Italian prog.

"LA COSCIENZA DI ZENO" is a work that immediately shows its success while grows listening after listening, gradually revealing the rewarding complexity of its construction, an undeniable sign of technical skill, a surprising maturity and original taste."

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