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"Cosmograf is a progressive rock project lead by Robin Armstrong, a multi instrumentalist musician from Waterlooville near Portsmouth UK. The sound is rooted in 70s classic rock with a contemporary and progressive twist.
Sometimes, when listening to a new album, your first impression, from the heart not the head, sticks. Even after repeated listens, this a prime facie impression of Capacitor is "they nailed it!". Although Cosmograf aren't "they" (it's a one-man-band augmented by more than a little help from his friends), it's the the whole of all the contributors that exceeds the sum of their parts, so to speak, Damned, did they nail it! It's dark, it's addictive, it's hard prog rock with an edge. Floydian for sure, but then again with Porcupinian (mmmm... he's with his head in The Trees) and Radioheadish flavors that together serve a tasty dish of haute cuisine prog. My favorite track(s) is The Drover / White Car binary so(u)l system. Although not exemplary for the albums as such, and I don't know why, it just resonates at a cosmographic level. As a concept album, capturing the soul in an electro-magnetic contraption, it fully succeeds in terms of coherence and continuation. With really astounding musicianship! This album deserves a solid 4 star rating without a shadow of a doubt, but it certainly has the retrospective capacity to evolve into a 5 star shining victory. Time will tell whether essence or essentiality will free this soul album from it's electrifying shackles. I'm still captured, one way or the other."-progarchives
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