Coupla Prog - Death Is A Great Gambler... CD

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This is 1970 and 1972 recordings.

"This CD rounds off the SWF produced Coupla Prog trilogy. With the new line-up, Coupla Prog recorded four outstanding tracks -- extreme professional and intelligent arrangements. The wide spectrum goes from slow, melancholic over trippy, experimental instrumental parts to marching drums with heavy wah-wah guitars and pounding organ. An outstanding track on the CD is the 18 minute title track 'Death Is A Great Gambler ...', a true emotive and hypnotic masterpiece of German psychedelic underground rock dedicated to Rolf Peters. They combined virtuosity and creativity in a unique way -- sometimes reminding to other German likes as Gila, Amon Duul and Eloy's 'Inside', a must not just for Krautrock fans."
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