Courvoisier, Sylvie / Mary Halvorson - Searching For The Disappeared Hour CD

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Two superb players; magic is found here!

“Mary Halvorson has continued to push the boundaries of jazz guitar for a few years now, both in her various groups (Thumbscrew is a good example) and on albums like this with pianist Sylvie Courvoisier. The music here is at once avant garde and vaguely familiar. This album ain't your stick it on the player and start doing other things while it plays. No way. This is an album that needs to be listened to in itself. Both musicians at times echo each other's playing within a tune, while other times they stretch out on their own on short solos within the context of the duo that surprise and delight the listener.
This is highly impressionistic music--all the compositions are by one or both of the duo. Halvorson's edgy, angular guitar jabs and flurry of notes are echoed by Courvoisier's piano with space between notes (reminiscent at times of Monk at his most angular, impressionistic playing) that seem to make sense once you open your head to the music.
Picking out high points is pretty useless--but "Fearless Smears" is a goody as is "Moonbow", "Four-Point Play" is out there a ways but satisfying. This batch of tunes stands as a whole and together make quite an impression when you sit down and listen to the whole album. And hearing this music over again reveals more subtle delights--especially with headphones.
If you're familiar with Halvorson's approach to music and the guitar, this album continues her on-going search into modern jazz and beyond. Courvoisier is a good foil for Halvorson, and her own compositions show she can compose as well as Halvorson. In the present day I don't know if many people actually sit down and actively both listen and hear music as an end in itself. To each his own on how people listen to an album, but this set of tunes is lost if you don't pay attention.
The sound is very crisp and clean, which only makes some of the subtler passages in these tunes sparkle. There's no booklet or liner notes. The disc slips into a pocket in the wallet style cardboard package. There's a double sided folded poster in the other pocket that echoes the cover graphic. On the inside panels is a list of tracks and recording information--that's it.”-Stuart Jefferson
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