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Note that Jon Poole, Bob Leith and Bic Hayes are all ex-Cardiacs and Damo Waters is ex-Spratleys Japs!

"An absolutely superb new album from one of the UK's most underrated mavericks. Imagine Robert Wyatt, High Llamas, Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne, and Todd Rundgren all in one magnificent human. That's Crayola Lectern. Superb arrangements throughout, and in common with all the above I suppose, a sense of adventure and playfulness is evident throughout. One of my favourites of the year so far"-Simon Raymonde, Bella Union.

"Happy Endings is an album of extraordinary music, borne of an extravagance of imagination, unfettered by convention or fashion, poised rather sexily in some other dimension beyond the usual parameters. With this in mind, you could call it psychedelic. Death and love crop up a lot on this album, with a sacred/profane, soulful/irreverent, silly yet deadly serious wisdom, which recognizes the universality of its themes, allowing them to gently explode into your ears. Crayola Lectern is reaching out here. It's musick with a "K". A man in great demand by the cognoscenti as your go to musical visionary, Crayola Lectern is Chris Anderson with Alistair Strachan, Jon Poole, Bob Leith, Damo Waters, and Bic Hayes."
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