Crispell, Marilyn / Gary Peacock / Richard Poole - In Motion

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Richard Poole: Drums / Marilyn Crispell: Piano / Gary Peacock: Bass

"Nevessa' is a recording studio in the town of Woodstock, New York state, where pianist Marilyn Crispell is based. There she met up with drummer Richard Poole and bass player Gary Peacock in November 2014 for a session of creative improvisation. The result was ten beautiful pieces of music which document the great art of spontaneous music-making and underline the outstanding personalities of these three fantastic musicians.

"In Motion exudes rapport, whether Marilyn Crispell, Gary Peacock and Richard Poole ruminate upon attenuated melodic contours, charge through jagged motives, or ride buoyant grooves. It is the type of rapport that suggests a long incubation of materials and processes," says music journalist Bill Shoemaker in the sleeve notes. "There is the lucidity and heart that comes from the time and space needed to hear feelingly, as well as the flexibility to effortlessly pivot between starkly contrasting materials, as Crispell, Peacock and Poole do repeatedly throughout the album.'"
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