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Really excellent, very young-looking trio from Brazil, playing piano, accordion and keyboards, basses and drums. Brasilian music mixed with jazz rock and much more.

"Croa is a trio with its feet firmly planted in Brazil, but its arms embrace music from all over our planet...Excellent! Astounding!"-Randy Brecker.

"Croa is a trio from Mato Grosso, central-western Brazil and they mix influences from Brazilian music with music from countries that borders this part of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay mainly, with jazz and bits of fusion. Their music is unique, and they use the Brazilian accordion to bring freshness and new sounds to their music."

"Croa's music constructs new territories, crossing borders, whilst rescuing the musical values of Bacia do Prata, which occupies 20% of the South American territory, including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. Latin sounds are the inspiration of CROA – Paraguayan polka, chamamé, guarânia, tango – fusing these together with jazz elements, resulting in an alternative style of sound; a more worldly, elegant and modern type of music. According to farmers of the Mato Grosso do Sul, Croa can be translated as “a piece of virgin forest”. The idea is to preserve the musical characteristics of the region, opening doors for contemporary influences. The instrumental trio is formed by Adriano Magoo (piano, keyboards, accordion), Marcelo Ribeiro (bass) and Sandro Moreno (drums and percussion)."

You can hear their music here

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