Crosby, David - If I Could Only Remember My Name CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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A very good psychedelic / post psychedelic release from 1971.

“David Crosby, the former member of the Byrds, can claim to be inventor of acid-rock, raga-rock and space-rock. 'If I Could Only Remember My Name' (1971), is an album that spiritually and physically evokes the resigned naturalist idyll of the Bay Area where Crosby and many other like-minded musician's spent much of their time.
The musician's who worked on the album included Kaukonen, Slick, Casady and Kantner of Jefferson Airplane, Garcia, Leisha, Kreutzmann and Hart of Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash and many others.
The creative influence of these brilliant musician's is tangible, but the sound created is nevertheless 'neutral' and not comparable to any other kind in the bay area during the period when it was recorded.
The album is a sad and dreamy lament that is overlayed by a philosophical resignation and existentialism. It is as if Crosby is in some kind of mystical psychedelic trance communicating with mirages and ghosts. The album opens with the slow progression 'Music Is Love', consisting of a mantra of a single verse ('everyone says that music is love') which is endlessly repeated by Crosby and choir in a trance like way.
'Laughing' is one long note as if suspended between earth and heaven before returning to a resonating echo before it gradually fades into the silence of 'What Are Their Names'. The whispered tinkling guitar and harp strings of 'Traction In The Rain', evoke crystalline waterfalls, whilst 'Song With No Words' is like an intense extraordinary opera which is evocative of a subdued and poignant prayer in which the singing soars in a sublime flight.
With the closing hallucinatory 'I'd Swear There Was Somebody Here', a cry of joy and despair is exuded which is a kind of corrective to the ambiguous dream and mystical states that preceded it. The album is a tonal, harmonic almost baroque masterpiece; a rhetoric that exudes a unique ecstasy and aestheticism that is reminiscent of impressionist paintings. 'If I Could Only Remember My Name' is an absorbing experience that remains one of the Most touching documents of the post-hippie era.”-Daniel Margrain
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