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"Another new incredible project is born from the prolific Genoese progressive rock scene, from the minds of Stefano Agnini (La Coscienza di Zeno) and Fabio Zuffanti (Finisterre, La Maschera di Cera, Hostsonaten...), bound by a hidden passion for surrealist, gothic and horror vintage comic books. It is no coincidence that La Curva di Lesmo is named after a story written and drawn by the famous Guido Crepax in 1965, in which the character of Valentina appears for the first time, a symbol of women's emancipation and eroticism.

Musically, the album consists of three long tracks for more than 50 minutes of solid symphonic/theatrical progressive rock, a rock opera sung, or rather interpreted in Italian. The first part is more adventurous and pushes La Curva di Lesmo's music towards folk, pop, electronic, new-prog and symphonic atmospheres, unusual even to the two composers. The second part is more classical with a long progressive suite reminiscent of the Zuffanti's work with La Maschera di Cera.

References here are: Opus Avantra, Il Baletto di Bronzo, Pierrot Lunaire, Semiramis, Cervello; but there are fragments of the Genoese songwriting school (Fabrizio De Andre) and electro-vintage moments (those of Italian seventies obscure groups as I Guardiani della Galassia, Automat and others).

The illustrations that make up the wonderful artwork are drawn by the same Guido Crepax who inspired the title and the project in the first place!"

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