Curved Air - Alive 1990 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“In 1990, the seminal progressive rock band Curved Air regrouped to perform a televised concert at the Town & Country Club for the BBC. Although this concert (and a second at the Dome, Tufnell Park) was in fact recorded off the mixing desk, the filming fell through and the project was shelved, permanently it seemed at the time. Canterbury music fans will be familiar with related reunion concerts staged during the same period by Caravan and Hatfield and the North.
Francis Monkman recently unearthed the tape, and has produced an extraordinary document of the event - a powerful album which rivals, and on some tracks surpasses, the original classic Curved Air recordings. The sound is much fuller than the studio albums thanks both to advances in recording technology and to Monkman's sequencers, which provide the bass lines and some subtle keyboard flavoring. Only Francis, Florian Pilkington-Miksa, Darryl Way, and Sonja Kristina perform on the majority of the tracks, and no overdubs were made. Rob Martin, the original bassist for the group, appears on one track, the perennial crowd-pleaser "Vivaldi." The material is drawn from the first three albums, "Airconditioning," "The Second Album," and "Phantasmagoria," plus a new song written expressly for the reunion, "20 Years On."
Some fifteen years plus had gone by since the original band had played together, and as would be expected a few missed cues and botched notes are evident. But very few. The band was tight and obviously well-rehearsed for this concert.
Highlights: The first track, "It Happened Today," is stunning. Sonja Kristina's vocal talents are at their peak as she delivers a passionate performance on part one. Part two features Darryl Way's lovely violin solo floating gently atop Francis Monkman's gorgeous keyboards. It's genuine magic. "Marie Antoinette" is the show-stopper. Gone is the bouncy pop feel from earlier performances, and in it's place is pure riffing adrenalin. This time when Sonja sings, "We are the people of France..." the effect is utterly chilling. If you don't get goosebumps listening to this, check your pulse.
Florian Pilkington-Miksa is incredible throughout, particularly on "Situations" and "Marie." An underrated talent, he clearly deserves to be mentioned in the same breath with Bill Bruford, Carl Palmer, Andy Ward, and Pip Pyle. Darryl Way, always masterful on the violin, shines on the wonderful and rarely performed "Hide and Seek," and of course on his showcase, "Vivaldi." Francis Monkman rips through "Young Mother" and "Propositions" with a vengeance. His "Everdance," one of three encores, is given a new and superior treatment - a standout track. Sonja Kristina's voice has taken on a new life since Curved Air disbanded at the end of 1976, as fans of her solo material are well aware. On this album her voice is full and deep, powerful and assured, and simply beautiful. The band finishes the set with a rather jaunty encore version of their hit "Back Street Luv," with fans in the front row shouting out the chorus lines.”-Richard Wynne
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